Easter event, first social of 2023, and some mild vandalism

We held an Easter event on the farm, had a great turnout, fantastic weather, made some money for the project and everyone seemed to enjoy the day. What more could we ask for?

It was nice to talk to people who seemed to really enjoy visiting us, and appreciate what we’ve achieved over the years. A few expressed an interest in joining us.
Tea/coffe, cakes, cards and even recipe books were available for sale!
Tucking into one of the amazing home made cakes we had for sale!
Amos is clutching his raffle tickets.
The roundhouse became the craft hub.
A super Easter Chick!
More craft creations.
A craft bunny.
We sold all 30 event tickets, one per child wanting to take part.
The little pigs really seemed to enjoy the sunshine.
Lee-Anne held court over the plant sales.
Treasure hunt clues were scattered around our lovely site.
All the children, both farm and visiting, really seemed to enjoy clambering around on the rustic treehouse.
The slide became a very busy highway.

Getting ready for our Easter visitors

Thanks to everyone who took part in helping to clear up the site and especially those who did a fab job weeding, the farm looked great for our visitors.
We recently labelled the sheds, and someone has already vandalised one of them!
We had to rebuild the outdoor covered chicken area as the previous one collapsed under the weight of recent snow. This time, hopefully, these construction site fence panels will last a bit longer.
As usual we have to take steps to prevent foxes from breaching the hen house and so there are multiple barriers for them – so the hens now have a dusk-til-dawn drawbridge as part of their defence.
Our farm children, should have good strong immune systems, here’s Connie, who for some reason is princess of muck on her throne in the manure palace.
After a long work day of getting ready for the easter event we had our first social of the year, and enjoyed a few drinks and a curry takeaway.
The kids (and maybe a few adults) enjoyed the hypnotic lure of having a little fire.
Clementine, thinks this is the best swing ever, it’d been lost in the undergrowth for years and only just put up. She loved it.
More pig have arrived on site, a little on the small side so they’re enjoying living it up in the kids playhouse again.