January 2017

The January sunshine at our first workdays of 2017 attracted the most people we have seen at a workday for a while! With more than 20 volunteers we soon cracked on with the jobs.

Due to restrictions on housing our chickens because of the Avian Flu outbreak our birds had been inside since the start of December. As it had been announced that they are now to be housed inside for a further 2 months we started the day by enlarging their netted area so they could have a little more space. Further details about the restrictions can be found here

Elsewhere on the site we were working on our plans to get a container for secure storage so we cut back lots of overgrowing branches and cleared the undergrowth so we would be able to get a delivery lorry onto site.

We have been offered a regular delivery of horse manure so we constructed some compost bins for it to be left to rot.
We also started constructing a base to move our ‘Penthouse’ shed to a new location that will allow us to get water plumbed in and provide a cleaner area for making drinks.

All is relatively quiet on the veg front with mainly tidying and pruning tasks this month but we did manage to pot up some strawberries into drainpipes which we are going to suspend from the polytunnel roof. This free-d up a bed in the polytunnel which we can use for something else. We will have to see how well they grow later in the year.

Bonfire to get rid of the waste vegetation