Bumper crop and hot black rubber

Today was a very, very hot day on the farm. Magnificent for sitting around and taking it easy, enjoying the view down the valley from the farm, not so great if there is work to be done.

Tracey made her signature Apple Cake which didn’t make it past 10:30 tea & coffee break – YUM!

Re-roof The Penthouse

We managed to do a task which has been on the to-do list since winter – the penthouse roof.

Last year we made the penthouse (a big shed) in to a bit of a kitchen and something of a “clean space”, however it’s shonky nasty leaky roof didn’t really fit with idea of keeping it clean and dry.

When we did the roundhouse roof we got a special deal on a 30m roll of special roofing rubber, fortunately we had a lot left over – enough to do the penthouse roof.

It shouldn’t be a surprise (yet somehow it was) that black rubber on a south facing roof in July would get hot. Within a matter of minutes of laying it it was so hot that it was uncomfortable to smooth out or kneel on. The special glue we were using dried almost the instant it hit the roof, we had to work fast.

The kids were very helpful when it came to demolishing the old roof, but were no-where to be found when construction of the new one was ready to begin.

Harry and Stuart on the roof working out what to do.
There is a great view from the farm down into the valley but from on top of the roof it was even better.
Look out Wendy! There may be bits of old roof on it’s way down to you.
The heat sapped our energy.
Plenty of hot black rubber.

Has everyone met Tommy?

When Tim H (left) tried to introduce our newest member Tommy (right), the intro got derailed slightly (no offence Tommy, we do welcome you) however it kept Harry amused for the next hour.


Warren made some very neat enviromesh screens to put over the doors of the poly tunnels as we’re having a problem with white butterflies. Amos is just checking the workmanship. I think he approves.

Bumper harvest

Look at all those red currants

Today’s harvest was the best we’ve had so far this year.