The beast!

We’ve had a task to do for some time now: take care of the sheep field, tackle brambles etc which were getting out of control.

A promise had been made to the landowners that we’d get it sorted out, unfortunately due to one thing and another the date for doing this kept slipping.

It was all arranged for a weekend that we’d hire some heavy machinery to help achieve this, however the hire company let us down at the 11th hour.

Every cloud has a silver lining – because they let us down so badly (and had an earful from an irate farm member who wasted their entire day waiting for it to be delivered), we got a massive reduction in the fee.

Finally the beast arrives on site

Even with a hand tractor with power scythe attachment it was very hard work, mainly because the brambles had got so high that although we could slice away at the base of them the tops would fall over onto you.

The beast – a power scythe
Hard work keeping this thing going in the right direction
You can clearly see the amount of bramble area we’ve cleared back
It was a very hot day, and hard work.

The beast strikes back

As we’d got this thing on site for the whole weekend we might as well use it!

An area that had long been neglected was the area at the bottom of farm where the raspberries were. At some point in the past the farm had perhaps been optimistic about the number of raspberry canes that it could maintain and harvest.

So we wrangled the beast into this area too.

The area below the raspberries – I didn’t even know that there were tree stumps down there.