Chicken run

The focus of today was to start on a long standing project to improve the chicken run.

The chickens have a large area within which to roam during the day but at night they get shut into a smaller covered area (the chicken run) with access to the hen house. This covered area is quite old, very low so you bump your head on the roof and will be falling apart shortly. The plan is to build something a little nicer for them and easier to clean out for us.

We needed to fetch some breeze blocks from the builders merchants but got a little distracted along the way by taking the livestock trailer through the car wash.

n’joywash – is that really what it says on that machine at the back? Is jet washing that much fun?
Tailer before and after.
Foundations for the new enclosed chicken run. We’ll repurpose the roof from an old shed to cover it and then make walls of mesh of some kind.