New fence, battery strimmer plus little’n’large

Impressed with Dave’s battery powered implement, roundhouse roof plants are not dead – yay and a nice tidy fence around the veg area.

Dave has been extolling the virues of the Stihl range of battery powered tools and cleared all of this with his strimmer.
We all blitzed the weeding of the main veg area first thing in the workday, it’s great when as a team we can make a big difference to an area in a small amount of time.
We’ve put up a nice tidy fence around the main veg area in an attempt to keep badgers out of it.
Am pleased to report that the sedum are growing nicely on the roundhouse roof.
The grass is not doing so well but we didn’t expect it to, we put turf on there so the grass roots would hold the soil in place whilst the succulents could grow.
Little’n’large eggs, presumably the little egg is from one of our newer hens.