Ten year anniversary celebration

Tonight was a celebration of ten years of LVCF (Loxley Valley Community Farm)! We had a magic evening, a really special get together of farmies current and those who’ve been part of the project through the years.

Folk band Eldaisal provided music for us.

Elaine a founder farmie at LVCF is also singer with Folk band Eldaisal who came up to the farm to provide musical entertainment which was very much enjoyed by everyone.

Drying by the fire. It rained cats-n-dogs.

It rained – hard – a lot – but it didn’t really matter and in many ways allowed the roundhouse to really fulfill its purpose of being a warm, sheltered social space. Dedicated to former member Dave (Mushroom) Buckle, sadly deceased, the roundhouse has been a long time in the making (walls still to finish properly) but full of music, food and great friends made the evening very special.

Not sure what Adrian was saying to Lee-Anne and Zoe by it sounded a bit cheeky.
The heavens opened but didn’t stop anyone from having a good time.
Amelia seems a little wet but happy.
Amos is a big fan of James.
Our youngest farmie stayed way up past his bedtime!
Asha and Robyn laughing, joking and singing.
Jess and Warren seem to be contemplating life.
The musicians brought a pair of dogs with them which were made a big fuss of by everyone.
Harry looks happy with a beer in his hand.
Poor bedraggled harvey!
We didn’t know that young Rowan could play the guitar!
Musical instruments were produced and added to the music led by Eldaisal
We all enjoyed having the brasier going in the roundhouse.
Harvey really enjoyed playing with the other kids and rounded up all the balls into a basket to take outside to the others.
We all had a really good sing-song
Not sure what Amelia has just done to Rowan but cleary she has the upper hand.
A wave from Rowan.