Wildlife pond success

Newts are flourishing in our wildlife pond!

The pond

We created the farm wildlife pond 2 years ago in order to give frogs, newts and other creatures a home as well as a valuable source of water. This was, and still is important as more and more wildlife habitat is destroyed and therefore the population is on the decline. We researched how to create a pond that will be attractive to wildlife, for example not including fish, making sure there is easy access, rocks and logs to enable them to live out of the water. We also looked at plants to ensure the still water would remain clear (ish).


We originally put in snails and 2 newts rescued from the drains at the allotment next door. Word must have spread about the nice new home, as a year later we noticed at least 6 adult newts and this year we have loads of newtlets.

Success newts have bred and we now have more of them.

Caught on camera

The wildlife camera has picked up badgers drinking from the pond as well as birds washing.

Is that a newt too?

We have also seen lots of spiders, bees, wasps, a damsel fly, skaters, water beetles and leeches.

It is a really important resource for our local wildlife and is now a thriving community as well as a lovely place to just sit and relax with a wine or two ☺

A recent addition is a hedgehog house, which we are hoping will soon be populated by our spiky friends.

Success newts have bred and we now have more of them.