Do chickens like coffee?

Our 2nd October workday felt very autumnal although after the recent rainfall we were happy with a mostly dry day!

The first job of the day was to clean the chickens out. We are trialling using coffee chaff as a bedding material which is a waste product from the coffee roasting industry. We are grateful to Forge Coffee Roasters for donating us some to try. Our first impressions are good. It is very light compared to our usual bedding but has a slight coffee aroma which was still noticeable after several days.

Coffee chaff as bedding for chickens – thanks to Forge Coffee Roasters

We also cleaned out the chicken run and hosed down the concrete base which we rebuilt this year to create a cleaner, drier area so the chickens are ready for the winter months.

Cleaning the chicken run

The pigs had been suffering with the wet weather and although they love mud, they don’t like it in their house so the pig arc was moved to a drier patch and refilled with straw which they seemed to appreciate.

Moved the pig arc to s slightly less muddy area
They also enjoyed the left over sweetcorn stalks once we had harvested the sweetcorn.

We still managed to harvest a decent box with the last of the tomatoes and sweetcorn and some chard, leeks and peppers but the main work for the day was improving the animal areas.

The poultry area was given a mesh ‘skirt’ to prevent foxes and badgers from digging under the fence
The pig load baying was completed to join the bottom pen ready for the pigs going
A bonfire too – all kids seemed to come to the farm armed with flint and steel strikers

The day was completed with a members meeting in the roundhouse followed by a meal at the Wisewood Inn.