Fox holes, woodworm and turkey jam

Lots of bits’n’pieces going on at the farm during lockdown 2.0!

Lockdown 2.0

It’s been hard to try to work out which lockdown rules apply to the farm, we’re a community farm but not a farm, we’re a company but a not for profit one etc and so there is no definite category into which we fit. Therefore we’ve decided that regular work days cannot happen and we’ll only allow up to 3 households on site at any one time and they should all work in different areas of the farm.


While Covid prevents us from using the roundhouse for it’s intended purpose as a shelter for social gathering, lunches etc it seemed like a good time to clear everything out and spray some rather nasty woodworm treatment on the structural timbers.

Woodworm – actually beetles – are starting to make a mess of our beloved roundhouse.

As cunning as a fox

Foxes seem to have discovered which fence panels are inferior and are clearly capable of pushing their way through any damaged sections.
It seemed more prudent to swap the lower quality fence panels with better ones rather than try to fix the holes.
Turkey jam: six turkeys managed to cram themselves into this gap and then couldn’t reverse out!
The door to the turkey shed has been blowing shut so now we have a fixing to keep it open throughout the day.

Some very vocal and very happy turkeys having a good nosy at whatever is in that bucket and wheelbarrow.

As if 2020 could not get any worse – Avian flu

So Avian flu has hit the UK again, and so we need to move all food and water supplies into the respective poultry sheds to help reduce contamiation by wild birds which might bring avian flu with them.

Footbath to try to prevent spread of avain-flu in/out of the poulty area.

Elsewhere on the farm

Amos looks as happy as a proverbial pig in muck.
Lee-Anne and Dorothy planting cabbages.
New saloon doors to try and keep animals out of the polytunnel.
Fixed a catch to the veg area gate.
Planted spinach and chard.

The wheat is already starting to come though.