Wendy communes with mutts and an electric Land Rover

A random smattering of stuff we’ve done so far this spring, working hard (when are we not), a social, more pigs, more greenhouse work, more grass and more…

Hard labour

Well it certainly felt like hard labour having to weed, rake and spread grass seed over a whole field by hand.

Fortunately we had some new members/potential new members join us so with a lot of us doing it felt more encouraging – some of those new people even came back after joining in this hard slog.
Only a few weeks later and the grass is coming through, at least the birds didn’t eat all the grass seed. Hopefully next year it’ll be suitable for geese, goats or sheep.


Set up benches and insulated the greenhouse for our seedlings.

In addition to a few tweaks to the little greenhouse a large part of the last few weeks has been spent dismantling and reassembling a huge new greenhouse we’ve been given.


A quad of beautiful saddlebacks have just arrived on site and seem happy exploring their new surroundings.
Our older pigs (Gloucester Old Spot x Duroc) are keen to say hello and not be forgottenin favour of the cuter smaller pigs
Wendy appears to sympathise with Reg and Tilly’s plight of being shut in the turkey area (no turkeys yet) during the workday.

A social

We even managed a social event one evening, fired up the pizza oven, had a few beers and an electric Land Rover was a big hit.

Adults seemed to enjoy wine or beer, kids seemed to enjoy splatting some nasty looking play dough stuff in their own faces.
The kids absolutely loved the electric Land Rover, only trouble was that we had to have a number of adults holding on – hold them back whilst they scream at the top of their lungs on the downhill, while having foot firmly on the accelerator the whole time, but also needing a helping push on the uphill return.
Despite being a Land Rover on a farm Connie was determined she was going to be comfortable and stylish the whole time.