Christmas – A farm survival kit

In December we focused on building our hens a new chicken run, had farm turkey and I received a farm survival kit for Christmas.

New Chicken run

Our chickens have a large pen in which to roam during the day and we shut them into the hen house and what we refer to as the chicken run during the night.

The chicken run in our case refers to a covered area wih mesh walls so that our hens can have access to fresh air and sunlight until the morning feeder arrives to let them roam the wider pen.

This helps to keep them safe from foxes and any other predators who have a tendancy to try and dig their way under the main enclosure fences.

Our current chicken run is low and one frequently bangs ones head on the roof.

Over-engineered in true LVCF style – but almost entirely made from materials recycled from around the site.
We matched the roof pitch of the main hen house and managed to overlap the roofing material.


When we started the farm one of the initial aims was to have a home grown Christmas dinner. This is now the 10th Christmas dinner we’ve had and next year (2019) marks our 10th anniversary!

A fine example of a LVCF turkey ready for the oven

A thoughtful gift

This year my brother and his family gave me a ‘Farm suvival kit’ for Christmas, this contains all sorts of goodies: gloves, trowel, hat, cuppa-soup, hot-chocolate, Pot-Noodles (not sure about those), powdered milk, tea, coffee, hand sanitiser and much more.

Here I am proudly displaying my goodies in front of our ‘Tree Tunnel Cafe’ where I expect the Pot-Noodles will be kept for emergency use.

New Year

It is a sort of farm tradition that on New Year’s Day the farmies go for a walk (if not raining) then have a fry up for lunch and then play some board games.

What better way to start the New Year than a social with friends!