New year, new chicken run, new woodburner and a full (round) house

The first work day of 2019 was a great success, not necessarily because of the amount of work done (we did loads), but because almost every farm member was there, which makes it so much more enjoyable to be a part of and motivates everyone. Which led to a very full round house for lunch.

We even had a visitor and hopefully new member!

A long todo list

Wood burner

It makes a huge difference to the temperature in the roundhouse when we have a fire going in there, which is much appreciated during the winter months when we have either a coffee or lunch break. However at the end of last year the leg fell off our chiminea which had served us well given that it had been salvaged from a skip.

Harry, James and I (Stuart) constructed a new burner from an old gas bottle and a few bits of metal square tube.

Harry grinding off sharp bits from a gas cylinder we’ve just chopped bits off
Our finished creation
James giving our new woodburner a proper test

Most people commented on the fact that our new burner actually seemed warmer than the old chiminea! Success!

Chicken run

We continued our chicken run, today concentrating on the floor.

Leveling the concrete floor.
Must try to keep the chickens out of this lovely smooth floor while it dries

Fruit cage

We had a lot do in the fruit cage to prep for spring.

Lee-Anne a seasoned veteran of the (fruit) cage, beware those who enter, my money’s on Lee-Anne to win
The more the merrier – Elaine certainly seems to be enjoying working in the fruit cage.

Metal work and engineering

We removed the engine from our venerable old ride on mower and took it back to H’s workshop for some TLC.
Found this nice old metal sign on the farm and took it for a clean up.