Spiderman ends the battle with the asparagus, child labour and a devestating end to the day

At last an end to the asparagus moving – with the help of Spiderman. A very productive work day but the end to the day leaves a sour taste.

Chicken area gets a makeover

The chickens have received a lot of attention over the winter with the addition of a new covered area and the demolition of the old shanty style shack they had before. Today we divided their area in two, rotovated the lower section and then put down grass seed. When the grass is established we’ll do the same on the upper section. It won’t last long as the chickens have a habit of pulling it all up given enough time.

Rotovating the chicken area: unfortunately on starting the pull-cord for the rotovator snapped and so Harry couldn’t stop until he’d done the whole area as he wouldn’t be able to start it again.
Divided the chicken enclosure
Putting grass seed down

Spiderman ends the ongoing asparagus moving

The asparagus has taken 3 work days to get moved from one area to another, they require a lot of very careful digging so as not to damage their fine and extremely numerous roots. So it’s a good thing that spiderman showed up to show us how to dig the trench in the new area that would receive the troublesome veg.


Spiderman joins in digging the last trench/mound for the asparagus

Child labour

New pigs have arrived on site and are settling in, they are Berkshire pigs a rare breed. We try to get rare breeds as it supports the breeders of rare pigs which themselves are becoming rare.

New pigs: Berkshires have arrived
We like to get the kids working on the farm at a young age, here Amos is doing a fine job of cleaning out the livestock trailer which brought the pigs to site.

A gate

We intend on putting a proper fence around the veg area to try to keep badgers and any other animals out of our veg, currently there is some rather naff string fencing in place. However a nice new (recycled) gate has popped up and looks rather fine in the end of the day sun.

New gate in the fence surrounding the veg area


So on the evening of the workday maybe an hour or two after we left, someone decided it would be fun to burn our toilet facilities to the ground.

It’s one of the first things constructed when the farm moved to this site 7 years ago, and although basic in the extreme it has served it’s purpose well.

Our toilet facilities were twinned – briefly – with a loo in Pakistan