More asparagus moving…

Our first March workday saw work continue on moving the Asparagus to the new beds. This is a slow and arduous job to prevent too much damage to the crowns.

We realised they had probably been planted a little low in the old beds and the soil was too clayey so we have rectified this in the new area and hope we can soon be enjoying bumper harvests although this might not be until next year when they have fully re-established themselves.

Left: Our new asparagus trench with central mounds and a bit sand to aid drainage. Right: An asparagus crown.

Elsewhere on the farm

Asha worked on cutting back the raspberries ready for growth this year
The A-Team was busy so the ‘Bee Team’ fed the bees some sugar syrup as the unseasonably warm weather has seen them flying and therefore using up their honey reserves earlier than usual.
The weather has been good and the rhubarb seems to be doing well in the new beds and our first batch of seedlings have sprouted in the propagator.
The hens also took advantage of the dry weather to have a dust bath.
Warren also fixed the door in the polytunnel to stop small animals getting in during the day when we leave the big doors open for air to circulate.
Great to have kids on the farm.
Looks like Amos and Holly are enjoying a bit of mess in the polytunnel.


We are hoping to get new pigs in the next week so a team checked out the top pig pen, connected the water back to the trough and repaired the shelter ready for their arrival.

Shelter for the pigs needed a little TLC
Water supply cleaned out and connected up for the piglets.