Lee-Anne’s spidiferous roots and toxic waste

Lots of hard work was done, moving plants to use the land more efficiently, moving compost and some urgent maintenance on one of the polytunnel doors.

Spidiferous roots and rhubarb

We’ve decided that the area where the rhubarb and aspargus is currently located would be better as another pig pen and hopefully loading area for the pigs.

Lee-Anne spent a long time carefully excavating the delicate roots of the asparagus
Rich worked hard to move the rhubarb
A lot of hard work went into preparing the new area for the asparagus

Rob takes a break

Rob spent a large part of the day doing the back-breaking task of shifting manure from one compost heap to another further up the site, so a little levity was well deserved.

Rob demonstrating his mastery at hide and seek much to Harvey’s amazement

Repaired the door to the polytunnel.

Unfortunately our polytunnel door had blown shut in the wind so violently that the glass in the lower part of the door smashed and damaged the frame too. So we removed the upper glass section, re-inforced the frame and wrapped it in plastic sheet.

The door repaired
James drilling a hole for a catch to hold the door in place when open

Too many tables

Something of a running joke/irritation is the number of tables that have accumulated in the roundhouse, I think there were 7 or 8 at one point. Time to reduce the number a bit!

James’ contribution for the day was mostly anything involving hitting things with a large hammer, eg turning this rotten old table into firewood.

Toxic waste

Clearly not toxic waste in the sense of waste from any manufacturing process, but the inside of this IBC (Intermediate Bulk Container) looks like it could be (I’m Asha will tell me in great detail if I’m wrong). This is supposed to be the water supply (euw yuk) for our next batch of pigs which will arrive shortly!

Looks like a clean up is a must for the next work day!