Lots of new faces and the cleanest pig water trough ever!

We had so many new volunteers/members on site today, and it was brilliant, they all seemed to enjoy their time with us and just got on with it and mucked in.

The more people we have at a work day, the more motivating it is as we can get so much more done.

The second swing frame netted and planted
Baths were moved and planted with squashes and courgette plants

Counting down to piglets

Pigs are arriving on site soon, they arrive quite small and cute but grow so fast into something not quite so cute and much bigger.

First job for the more construction orientated was to make sure the gates could be secured and did not have piglet sized gaps in them.

Adding mesh to the gates to keep the piglets in

One of our volonteers very kindly went on a hunt for a particularly problematic weed – ragwort, which would be poisonous to the livestock.

Ragwort to burn before the pigs arrive

Our youngest vistor Luke became Stuart’s shadow for the afternoon and together they gave a rather disgusting water trough a really – really thorough clean. I don’t think our pigs have ever had such spotless drinkers as this. Luke ensured that Stuart didn’t miss any spots. Then they started a really good detox of the water tank that will supply the pig drinker. Luke made sure that Stuart rotated it and flipped the tank around so all sides (inside and out) were given a good clean.

Cleanest trough ever

Shame that Stuart went and lost the bolt which should hold the cover onto the back part of the trough.

Veg didn’t even make it home

Mark and Stuart stood around and ate their share of tomatoes and raspberries before they even left the farm