New people, new shed, new trailer, new wheat area – so much new stuff going on

New shed, new people, new trailer, new lots of stuff = awesome workday with so much done. What a great day with almost all members on site, recent members and a few first timers (who hopefully enjoyed it enough to come back) but we almost ran out of chairs at lunch time, I don’t think that’s ever happened before.

New wheat area

The farm has been asked to join the Sheffield Wheat Experiment which requires us to clear a small area and plant some wheat watch it grow and then make flour and bake bread from it.

New volunteer/potential members clearing an area for the Sheffield Wheat Experiment
Whilst clearing the wheat area a newt was found and gently moved out of the way towards the wildlife pond.

New shed

We were fortunate to be given a very large shed in superb condition which we used to replace our most decayed shed – the turkey shed. Lucky turkeys whilst on the farm will enjoy our most luxurious accommodation. As keepers of the birds we will all enjoy being able to enter and leave the shed without fear of banging our heads or having to stoops whilst doing anything in there.

First we had to remove the old shed, which Demolition Man aka James made short work of.
The hens really enjoyed picking over the remnants of the old shed.
It’s a good thing we had so many people on site as carrying the new shed up the site was hard work.
We decided rather than walk it around and through the narrow gate that we’d simply lift it up and over the fence.
Domino spent the afternoon watching with concern the shed construction process.
Yes the farm has a spirit level (you wouldn’t think so looking around the farm structure)!
Harry looks very pleased with this new structure.
Warren puts the finishing touches to the roof.
The old shed had a bird’s nest (unoccupied), so the new one gets a birdhouse!

New trailer

OK – it’s not new, it’s very old, but this is the most attention it’s received in a very long time. The old base was rotten and causing concern that its load could drop through the floor part way through a journey.

Amos helps Wendy with drilling out the old rivets from the trailer
New visitor, recent member and founding member, all lending a hand at varnishing the trailer
Well it wasn’t new but looks a lot it now!

Elsewhere on the farm

We had a bumper harvest, planted out cabbage & chard seedlings. Did a lot of weeding and tidying up of plants.

Asha weeds and mulches the raspberry canes.
We love Harry and he works incredibly hard on the farm, but somehow still manages to have the air of managment about him.